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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Behind The Scenes: The Adicora Swimwear Tropicana Campaign Shoot.

Our designer Niveen Heaton, got her inspiration from the beautiful tropical beaches and wild life of Hawaii. You will notice in every style that there are vibrant colors, retro Hawaiian prints and exotic snakeskin prints. It only made sense that we took the new “Tropicana collection “ to the beaches of Sunny Southern California! The weather could have not been more perfect on the day of the shoot. It was unbelievably gorgeous and thankfully the sun was shining nice and bright. We were in for a long day of shooting, but our spirits were high and we were so excited to get it going. The concept of the shoot started off flirty and playful, but as the sun started to set they became sultry and sexy.

Overall it was an amazing experience, to be on set and see Niveen’s vision come to life. The sand, waves of the water and rock formations were the perfect accents and compliments to the Tropicana collection. Kyle said it perfectly, “The colors, light, ambiance, energy, and people really made this day special.” I know all of us had an unforgettable time working, bonding and playing under the sun!

We had a very successful shoot! Thanks to Cintli jewelry designer, Beto Yarce for his participation and providing accessories to complete each and every look. Eduardo Khawam (Director and Producer of Metropolitan Fashion Week). Our gorgeous model Patience Silva, Faith Bartruff who worked her magic with hair and makeup. Fabulous Lacy Ditto who assisted our photographer, and the one and only Kyle Goldie, Fashion Photographer. Without their passion, talent, and dedication, the campaign shoot would have not been possible.

The Tropicana collection is truly unique and beautiful. We’re positive you’ll find a style you love! Our Collection will be available at

A special thanks to Lacy Ditto for providing the following "Behind the Scenes" pictures below!

Written By: Sarah Basto

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