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Monday, December 27, 2010

Bikini Beauty

One of the toughest things about getting ready for the beach is deciding how to do your makeup. We've all experienced raccoon eyes from dripping mascara, and yet many of us would rather continue to endure runny makeup instead of opting for a completely bare face. For those who want the natural look that will withstand the waves, without going make-up free, here are some tips for you.


Prepping your skin is the single most important step in your beach-ready makeup routine. Make sure you protect and take care of your skin - it will prevent issues such as skin cancer and wrinkles later in life. First, start with a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Next, choose a tinted moisturizer for your base. Tinted moisturizer is the perfect choice for the beach because it's lighter than regular foundation and won't look like it's "melting" off of your face as some foundations do when they get wet. A great way to skip a step is by buying a moisturizer with built-in SPF, making the process of getting ready that much more simple. 
Another tip: Just remember, powder is your friend. The humidity will  undoubtedly make your skin sweat no matter what, so pack a powder bronzer with SPF to add extra color and protection, and help mattify your makeup if it becomes greasy.


Waterproof mascara is the key here, and even it needs to be used sparingly. One or two light coats and no rough eye rubbing should ensure you won't start to resemble Mr. Raccoon. If desired, even a waterproof eyeliner can be used to further intensify your eyes. Next, try adding a light golden eyeshadow on your lids to further increase your beach bombshell look, but stay clear of shimmery eye shadows that can make your eyes look like disco balls under the harsh sun glares. 


Sticky, melting lip gloss can put a damper on your beach time fun. The perfect solution is a lip tint or stain which will color your lips without the messy residue. Make sure to wear some type of lip protection underneath your lip color to unsure that your lips stay well moisturized and are protected from the sun...nothing is worse than flaky chapped lips!
The color of the BECCA Lip Tint featured above would pair perfectly with a bright, fun bikini like our Eleda suit:

Finally, protect your makeup look while your not in the water with a stylish hat, like the ones featured in our last post. This accessory will ensure that your face is blocked from the harsh sun's rays and will also prevent your makeup from being affected by the humidity. 
Now that you have a guide for easy beach makeup, we hope your runny makeup worries will be a thing of the past! Instead, get ready to be confident and shine in a sexy bikini!

Post by Ashley Brown

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