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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Celebrity Swimwear Do's and Don'ts

Happy New Year everyone! One of the most popular New Years resolutions is to improve your figure. In honor of this exciting time, here are some celebrity do's and dont's to help you find the right swimwear for your new bikini ready body!

Provide enough support for your bust 
Wearing swimwear that is supportive enough is extremely important. Make sure your bikini top is giving you a flattering look by holding you in all the right areas. Halter tops are a great way to adjust the amount of support to fit your needs. LeAnn Rimes displays the right way to wear a sexy halter bikini above. 

Our Macarena bikini features a halter top which provides great support for your bust,  as well as flattering "hipster" bottoms.

Wear your halter tops loose if you need the support
As Maria Menounos displays above, lack of support in your bikini top can be unflattering. Make sure your always giving your bust the support it needs. 

Wear a bikini bottom that flatters

The most popular trend in bikini bottoms right now is the Brazilian cut. This type of bottom is tighter and gives even the most petite bodies curves. The bikini bottom Paris Hilton is wearing in the photo above emphasizes her curves.

Wear a bikini bottom that sags

As Jennifer Lopez proves, choosing a bikini bottom that's too loose can be a bad choice. A sagging bottom piece can have an unflattering "diaper look". 

Don't think you have to wear a bikini, when your stomach isn't in it's best shape

There are lot's of great one piece suit options nowadays. These types of swimwear are flattering and come in a variety of cute styles. Above, Katie Holmes displays a one piece swimsuit that keeps her looking modern and sexy. 

Wear bright colors and fun patterns!

Bikinis with bright colors and fun patterns are very on trend right now. Be sure to incorporate these styles into your own bikini style.  

Our Isla bikini features a fun striped pattern incorporated with bright colors.

We hope this post was fun to read and helps you when deciding on which bikini to buy for your new bikini body!And remember to visit our online store
Post by Ashley Brown

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