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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interview with a Beauty and Fashion Expert

This week we interviewed hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylist extraordinaire Rosaline Hampton. She worked with us last year on our 2010 Collection photo shoot, and did an amazing job! Here is a photo of her work with us: 

And here is some of Rosaline's most current work: 

What was your experience like working with Adicora?
 It was very exciting to be working with someone that was launching their first collection! Overall, the whole experience I had was very positive and fun. 

I’ve heard you have a new business opening, a salon. Tell me a bit about your new endeavor? 
We’re opening a salon in downtown Bellevue. This has been a dream of mine my whole life, and I’ve been working on a business plan the last few years. What makes this salon unique is that it has hair, make up, and wardrobe. I’m going to have two other stylists working with me: Dani, a local who has been working in the industry for twelve years, and my cousin coming up here after working in L.A. My goal for the salon is to have it be luxurious and pampering, while also being still very inspiring to clients. When they come in, I want the customers to feel excited and looking forward to fashion. The theme is going to have a glam rock look. 

Did you always know that you wanted to work in makeup, hair and styling? If not, what were your other passions growing up?
Yes, this actually has been something I’ve always been in to. I started really getting interested in hair when I was five, and a little later, very interested in make up as well. I had my own clientele in high school and then went straight from there to cosmetology school. After that, I had a two year apprenticeship. 
I really enjoy doing all aspects of this, including projects outside of the salon at photo shoots, TV sets, etc. 

How did you get to the success you have today? 
The thing I would attribute most to my success is my two year apprenticeship with Justin Monroe. He passed down to me the skills that he had learned over time. Since my schooling, I’ve also made it a priority to still train once a season. 
I’m also hugely inspired by traveling the world and seeing fashion in other cultures and how it influences us. 

What celebrity are you dying to get your hands on and do their makeup, hair, or wardrobe? 
My lifetime goal has been to work with Angelina Jolie. She’s very mysterious, and there is so much to who she is as a person. I would love to be able to talk to her and get to know her while working with her. 

Who are your inspirations in the makeup, hair, or fashion industry?
I’m really inspired by the work of Alexander McQueen. I really like the bold movement in his clothes, and the color choices. His clothes are almost like a painting. 
MTV is also one of the top places I get inspired. I often do my cardio in the morning to the music videos. I love how out of the box things are in the videos, and how they use fashion to express the music. 

What are some of your favorite upcoming looks for Spring 2011? 

I really love how it’s become big to mix beiges, nudes, and grays. Last year those tones were all popular separately, but this year they’re mixed to create a really soft, warm, color palette that I love. I’ve already been shopping for blush and champagne colors this year. Another thing I’m having a lot of fun with is feather extensions for hair. I’m excited to bring them in to the salon. In make up, my favorite thing right now is really bright pops of lip color. I’ve been doing those a lot in photo shoots lately, using bright colors like orange and purple. 

Check out more of Rosaline's work at: 

Post by Ashley Brown

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