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Monday, March 21, 2011

Behind the lens with fashion photographer Kyle Goldie

By Rachael Yahne

photo courtesy Kyle Goldie
This spring, Adicora swimwear will again be partnering with photographer Kyle Goldie to create a captivating shoot for our 2011 swimwear collection. Kyle, who is no stranger to professional photography after more than three years in the business, also lent his one-of-a-kind perspective in our 2010 collection shoot, and with stunning results.
After graduating in 2007 with a business degree and subsequently working in advertising, Kyle quickly became burnt out on corporate management and turned to his true passion, photography, for a living.

Thankfully for us, he’s been shooting ever since. Starting first with odd jobs at weddings, products, and landscapes, or “anything I could get my hands on” as he describes it, his work quickly brought him to his true niche in shooting fashion.
“Shooting fashion was natural for me because of the lifestyle, and the clientele it brought out, and their personality and characteristics...Fashion photography brought me to galas, and fashion shows, and I got to know designers who had similar personalities as me- more confident, outgoing… with the same outlook on how to go about creating art…we meshed well.”

It’s this meshing that led him, and Adicora designer Niveen Heaton, to conceive last year’s Resort Collection photos. Kyle’s work embodies the underlying statement of fashion photography today: innovative, enthralling, and edgy. As a photographer, his luminous character and unique perspective show through his work; he’s not afraid to take his shots dead-on, capturing his own peculiar brand of juxtaposition between time, place, and element. Or, what he calls creating a ‘balance’ between the model’s reality, his own ability, and the client’s objectives. Kyle has branded himself by capitalizing on the inspirational background of his home (Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, and other Northwest hotspots) and contrasting it with high fashion (such as our luxury bikini line, among others). It’s this bold move that has enabled him to import his own imaginative style into every frame.  
During last year’s shoot for Adicora, Kyle fused bold colors and streamline poses to showcase our 2010 line. We loved the way he made the colors and styles of the line POP-And we can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with this year. Check out this photo's from last year's shoot:
Bikini style Orisha
Bikini style Paraiso

In our interview before his upcoming shoot for the Adicora 2011 line, we sat down with Kyle to ask him five questions:

We loved the look of last year’s shoot! Tell us how that shoot went:
“The shoot went great. We had a few speed bumps because of weather, and time of the shoot. We shot in late April, and it was actually rainy and dark outside that day. Typical Seattle weather. We ended up shooting at a botanical garden. And actually the garden allowed me to play with the colors-greens, pinks, and really play with location.”

As a photographer, what are your biggest influences?“I’m influenced by previous advertisements in past decades. Before a shoot I research on the internet, or [for sports shoots] I go watch games and get inspired at events.

[Photographer] Chase Jarvis inspired to keep my chin up, to keep going, because he was successful, so I thought ‘I could do the same’. What he’s doing kept him going.”

What do you envision for this year’s shoot?
“This year will be all in studio. I want to go more editorial, and bridge gap between editorial and commercial styles, like fake sunlight and hard shadows. I want to make it more sexy, edgy. Like something out of LA, Miami, South Africa.”

Showcasing swimwear is obviously different than showing other types of clothing. What makes it more fun, or challenging?
“Swimwear is fun for me because brings me out into the environment – the beach. It lets me play with environment and the model, textures of the garment and match it with environment.
And regardless of having hot bikini model to work with, they are more beach go-er types.”

What contributions would you like to make to the world of fashion photography in your career?“I always told myself I don’t want to be good, I don’t want to be great – I want to be amongst the best. Right now I tell himself I am amongst the best; I just have to prove it.”

Lately Kyle’s work has had him showcasing athletes and sportswear, a field he feels extremely comfortable in. He also says he is developing a lifestyle portfolio, and continuing to work in landscape and cityscape photography, and plans to showcase work in an exhibition this year. Here are some photos of his latest work:

To see more of Kyle’s work, visit his site at And stay tuned, photos of this year’s collection will be out in May, right here from Adicora.

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